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Wdp 2500 15w40

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Product Description

Waggoner Diesel Performance Oil 15W-40 Premium Blend
Our Products: Waggoner Diesel Performance Products
SKU: 2500
Waggoner Diesel Performance Oil is designed to provide premium performance to meet the needs of the next generation of heavy duty diesel engines. Waggoner Diesel Performance Oil benefits include: High TBN Retention, Increased Wear Protection, Longer Drain Intervals, Oxidation Resistance, and Improved Fuel Economy. Waggoner Diesel Performance Oil keeps high performance diesel engines going longer by reducing wear, preventing high temperature corrosion and controlling abrasive soot contamination. Enhanced with premium ZDDP. Increases horsepower, torque, and protection. 17,000+ miles of on-road field testing! 23,000+ hours of off-road field testing! Meets or exceeds the following specs: API CK-4, CJ-4, CI-4 PLUS, ACEA E7-12, E9-12, JASO DH-2, VOLVO VDS-4.5, VDS-4, CUMMINS CES 20086, CUMMINS CES 20081, DETROIT DIESEL DDC93K218, DETROIT DIESEL DFS93K222, FORD WSS-M2C1 7-F 1, MACK EO-O PREMIUM PLUS, CAT ECF-3, RENAULT VI RLD-3 1U.S Gallon/3.785 Liter Call for bulk pricing 740-913-0715

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